Hey guys. I am participating in the blogathon this year. It's on the 28th of July.

Blogathon - "First some terminology: "blog" is a shortened version of "weblog" which is a frequently updated personal website. Most blogs have date stamps on the entries, and consist of links and commentary.

Now, remember when you were in school and you would bowl for charity? And for every pin you knocked down you got, say, ten cents? Or run for a dollar a mile? During the Blogathon, people update their websites every 30 minutes for 24 hours straight. For this, they collect sponsorships. Pledges can be a flat donation, or a certain amount for every hour the blogger manages to stay awake."

I am really, really kicked about it. It feels good to know that you are contributing, even if in a small way. Friend this blog if you want to give me some support. Also, sponsor me if you feel like. All good either ways.

The details -
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"India is one of the countries where the literacy levels are still below the threshold level of 75% but gigantic efforts are on to achieve that level."

Remember, a candy bar for you is a lot of money for them. :)

last post

Alright. We're there. Last post. I feel sad. And accomplished. Wow, this is a GREAT feeling.

Thank Yous

- Tina, for being an amazing monitor. Thanks a lot doll.
- L, for making sure I don't fall asleep of boredom
- Aoibhe for being cute and the best cheerleader ever.
- Karen for being an amazing support
- Debsy for the laughs
- Emily for just being there
- Mari for dropping by and supporting me.
- Agus for the constant support. I WILL make you that wallpaper sweets.
- My sponsors; Aoibhe and Feather. Thanks a lot guys. Trust me, the money means a lot for these kids.
- Harman for being well..just himself.

I am sure I must have missed a few names. You know that I am very thankful to you.


48th post

We are there guys. 30 more minutes. Whoa! This has been awesome. And thanks to..

Oops. That goes in the next/last post. I am kinda sad about this ending now to tell you the truth.

And, HP FTW!! Umm..just. I want to comment like crazy in the last 30 minutes.

Post no. 46

Because you are dying to know about teh bf.

The word 'Harman' means the world to me. And I blame it on you.

Here comes Mr. Dependable. Try and trust him. You will not be disappointed ever. Also, make him do his British accent thing. One can also make him dance, yes?

Or just talk to him. You can go on forever. Unless he has his stupid padayi to go back to (no, not complaining. :) )

Has anyone ever heard him rant? Or bitch? I have. And it is the cutest thing in the world. Keep them coming, loser.

Also, Arjun, Naveen, guys. How do you cope with the paranoia? I might just call up you guys for tips on that.(I know YOU are hating me right now)

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Post no. 45

Something which a lot of you guys find surprising is the custom of arranged marriages in India. So, a bit on that.

Arranged marriages have been an integral part of Indian society for centuries, and even today people having their marriages planned by their parents and other respected family-members, with the consent of the bride and groom, does occur. Arranged matches were made after taking into account factors such as the compatibility of the couples' horoscopes, the backgrounds of their families (wealth, social standing) and their castes. The institution of marriage in India is considered a very important one. Thus, parents felt that since they were older and wiser than their progeny, they would be able to find a suitable match for their children with more prudence than the latter.

Horoscopes across Hindu followers widely used for finding a match while some others also use names and dates-of-births (numerology), palm impressions (palmistry) of the bride and the groom are compared to predict whether they would be compatible with each other for as long as both of them are alive, i.e., whether there are any indications of any form of divergence (divorce, separation, extramarital affairs), loss of life or property for either or both, in the future, on account of the influence of one's horoscope over the other.

According to Indian custom, a married woman wears the Kungumam (in Tamil) / Sindoor (vermilion) on her forehead, bangles, Thali (in Tamil) / Mangalsutra (Necklace worn around the neck, designed in a standard pattern, different from that of any chain), toe rings, etc.

Post no. 44

I just saw some part of GoF. I had totally forgotten that the movie opens with Nagini slithering across that graveyard thing. And the movie starts with the HP crest thing. I was all, "wtf, which HP movie is this?"

Maybe it's just the lack of sleep. But but but, we are almost there.


42nd post.

I LOVE this festival because I have loads of brothers(cousins, really) who give me loads of gifts.

Raksha Bandhan (the bond of protection in Hindi) or Rakhi (राखी in Devanāgarī) is a Hindu festival and also Sikh festival, which celebrates the relationship between brothers and sisters.

The festival is marked by the tying of a rakhi, or holy thread by the sister on the wrist of her brother. The brother in return offers a gift to his sister and vows to look after her. The brother and sister traditionally feed each other sweets. It is still celebrated today, and the brother and sister have to treat each other well for the day.

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Post no. 41

Now we take a look at the biggest Indian festival; Diwali.

Diwali, also called Deepavali, is a major Indian festival that is very significant in Hinduism, Sikhism and Jainism. Known as the "Festival of Lights," it symbolises the victory of good over evil, and lamps are lit as a sign of celebration and hope for humankind. Celebrations focus on lights and lamps, particularly traditional dīpa or deeya (earthen lamp). Fireworks are associated with the festival.

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